Media Lead Times – Key To Pitching The Media Successfully


Why I can't get you into Entrepreneur or Inc. magazine next month. I've gotten this request a number of times from prospects, "Can you get me featured in Entrepreneur magazine next month?" No, I say without hesitation. Not because I doubt my … [Read more...]

Promote Your Book Online – 8 Expert Tips


Writing a book is a lot like having a baby. You need to prepare for the big event; a process often described as painful, yet one that yields beautiful results. Pre-planning for your book’s publication is something you should start months before … [Read more...]

Kenneth Cole Uses My PR Tip to Score Big Press- You Should Too!

PR TIP_Google Alerts_ from Jane

It’s so much fun when you see your PR tip put to good use… and getting results- Publicity! Just a quick note to share with you something exciting.. and to encourage you to take advantage of this free tool, if you aren’t already and get set up for … [Read more...]

Publicity Shy? Here are 6 Tips To Overcome It

Want Publicity_6 Ways A Dress Rehearsal Will Help

I was watching the Tony Awards the other night, and thought I was about to witness something I had just been thinking about – the value of dress rehearsals. Literally. It was around the third wardrobe change for co-host Kristen Chenoweth that I … [Read more...]

Customer Experiences – A Tale of Two Entrepreneurs

A Tale of 2 Entrepreneurs - How do You Show Up For Your Audience?

How do you show up to your audience? How you show up, and the customer experiences they have with your brand, can make all the difference to you personally, to your business success as well as your satisfaction in life. Here is a tale of two … [Read more...]

2 Steps to Becoming a Media Darling

2 Steps to Becoming a Media Darling

Today I want to share with you how to be a Media Darling - A celebrity who is especially popular and who receives frequent and very favorable attention in the news media. It's easier than you think! Done right, it can have the media seeking you out … [Read more...]

Free Downloadable Media Plan Template 2015

Free downloadable media plan template 2015

Free downloadable media plan template 2015 is a simple, easy to use planner for entrepreneurs and small businesses to help them create an actionable roadmap for more visibility. Publicity happens when preparation meets opportunity. Planning for … [Read more...]

The #1 Skill to Master for Successful Publicity and Content Marketing

The pitch

I started to write this post about the importance of creating a great pitch or headline for your press release, and I realized a its just as critical to be able to craft a compelling concise email subject line or blog post title. As Shakespeare … [Read more...]